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The craze for health and fitness is always observed at its extremes and that is why, an insane amount of fervor is witnessed as soon as the new app related to these two fanatics is released. The arrival of yet another app from Google has mesmerizing effects on diehards and that is why the app is being downloaded like hot cakes. The insane downloads speak for its gorgeous features.

Health and fitness related apps are so popular these days and that is why, we are witnessing the new app entrants day by day. Health can be a concern for so many people and that is why folks try to find solutions to their problems through various apps. Google Fit is truly a wondrous solution to this problem. The coolest thing about Google new app is the inclusion of all health related activities such as walking, running, bike rides and all other categories that have been fed into this app.

Through this coolest app, you can record your pace route, speed and every activity through your smartphone and thus stay cool and active. Moreover, you would also be given accurate evaluation about calories burn. Moreover, the Android Wear smart watch will also make things amazing for you.  



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