Google Earth has just received a new update and the app has a fully guided 3D tour now!

Google just gave our favorite app Google Earth a new upgrade and we are just awestruck.

Google Earth latest update rolled put today!
Our favorite app Google Earth gets a latest update today. The new version is packed with 3D views, Guided Tours, Random Button and a lot more to look forward to. With a much better interface than its predecessor Google Earth is so much more fun to use now.

How cool is this? Google Earth has a new interface, 3D views and guided tours now. It is like a mini time portal now, you can check out all your favorite places without actually visiting them.

The update rolled out today for  chrome and android. Google has teamed up with BBC and Planet Earth. You can watch the shows and zoom into the locations for real now. “Voyager” is the new guided tour feature. The latest update comes with a random button as well. There is a new thing known as “I’m feeling lucky” feature and you can try it if you are bored and have plenty of time on you. This button will transport you into a random location virtually not physically. Since teleportation is just available in the cartoons right now you can not transport yourself to a place but you can visit it with your phone.

The app has an upgraded 3D  feature but it is not that user-friendly. You can zoom into any street and use the 3D feature but it will be very imaginary and nothing close to being real. While you are on a guided tour on your Google Earth app it let’s you read more about the place by integrating facts from Wikipedia. Google has made it more convenient for the people to study the world by just a tap on their screens.

Google is certainly making lives better. This is not a break through update but it will certainly make things easier for people who crave knowledge. We have tried the Google Earth app and there are no lags so far. The only downside that it comes with is since Google apps are 32 bit they will soon become obsolete for IOS. Google Earth is not available on IOS for now. Apple fans are missing out on a lot of fun here since these are exclusively available on android and google chrome.

I am all thrilled to try to new Google Earth app, Are you?

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