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News that has turned out to be word on the street is the next mega-project of two iconic companies i.e., Ford and Google. Although, the expected collaboration was on the cards but there were no hints that had come from the officials of the two corporate giants. However, officials at Fords have confirmed that Ford CEO Mark Fields will announce in January at the 2016 International Consumer Electronics Show about this venture.

This mega project will truly be a revolution and will pave the way for the most highly advances new autonomous cars.  The end-product will truly be a master-piece and will pair the strengths and weaknesses of the two companies when it comes to self-driving cars.

The fascinating thing about Google’s self-driving car is that Roush would help to develop and build a self-driving car and will this make it easy for drivers to drive this amazing car. Moreover, it has also been confirmed that Roush is building a test fleet of pods in Livonia that have been shipped to California. The officials at Google have confirmed that the self-driving astounding Google car would be easily accessible in the market within five years and there are innumerable people that are working on this project to make it a reality. Let’s see how much this new project acclaim and appreciation did this project receive worldwide.


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