Google App Allo
(Credits : Youtube)

According to the Google Play Store, the latest chat and instant messaging application created by Google has already reached a whopping one million downloads since its release earlier this week. This Google App Allo Downloads News Update, however, is yet to pinpoint the exact number of downloads since the Google Play Store only displays figures between one to five million downloads. We all know that the Play Store is never exact with their download counter. Aside from the Google App Allo Downloads News Update, we also have news on the current download count for Google Duo. It has earned 5 million downloads since its release merely ten days ago.

Another Google App Allo Downloads News Update is that Google Allo also gives users an early bird sneak peeks of Google Assistant. Google Assistant is a new and smart method to communicate and interact with Google and some say that it is much similar to Google Now but much better. Users now have the power to actually ask Google a few queries and have Google Assistant dish out the answers. It can also be configured to give the user scheduled reminders or information.

Now that users are enjoying the new Google App Allo Downloads News Update, they now also have a total of three messaging apps from Google. First of which is Google Hangouts, which actually uses a Gmail address though it also stores the smartphone number for extra support. Next up is Google Messenger, this is indeed Google’s stock text message app that utilizes the SIM number and is limited to smartphones only. Now, we have Google Allo. Google has however suggested that customer should prioritize using Google Messenger instead of Hangouts if the purpose is texting.


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