Google and Facebook High Speed Cable

Two giant companies, Google and Facebook are working hand in hand to make a nearly 8,000-mile cable between LA and Hong Kong possible. The project is a fiber-optic cable that has a bandwidth capacity of 120 terabits per second. According to Google, this line will be the route with the highest capacity between US and Asia. This promising capacity is actually double of that the current record holder has that is also a partly owned by Google.

This new collaboration project between Google and Facebook will make a more reliable and faster connection possible for those on the pacific side. The two will get a portion of the cable’s total capacity and will, of course, lease the rest to other companies, though as of now no specifics has been shared with the public.

The undersea cable project is getting built more frequently thanks to the partnership of big tech companies in an effort to improve the internet’s traffic. Google and Facebook are in the same boat that means they have a whole lot of data in their servers alone, which is why the collaboration project was started in order to have their own connections rather than leasing the necessities they need.

Other than Google & Facebook also partnered with Microsoft for the same reason but across the Atlantic instead, while Google has a total of six internet cables that they partly own. The said super high-speed cable across the Pacific is referred to as the Pacific Light Cable Network and will be completed by 2018 if everything goes according to plan.


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