(Credits : technobuffalo.com)

The adorable thing Google jaw-dropping 360-degree video and film app is that it truly is an inspiring and spell-binding app that has made video watching such a breath-taking phenomenon. Although, the concept was originally introduced by Motorola but was raised to new heights by Google.

The distinguishing thing about this awe-inspiring app is that it features 2D and 3D animated films flavored with 360-degree video functionality. Through this marvelous functionality, a user can use their keyboard to view videos from all angles. This app was recently included by Google in YouTube and looking at its marvelous appreciation, Google has joined hands with Apple to include this marvelous feature.

Through this application, you can easily view these clips using Google Cardboard or any kind of such VR headset for a full VR experience. However, the 360-degree films in Spotlight Stories won’t currently have the option to use Google Cardboard and also other virtual reality headset that means, the users won’t get a full “immersive” VR experience, but still an effort has been made to enhance the new filming method.

The authorities at Google have explained that Spotlight Sphere has used “360° spherical cinema-quality video and also sound sphere audio, and sensor fusion techniques. Furthermore, this will also mean that you can easily adjust your handset or tablet, and thus move it around full 360-degrees to view the films from any angle.

Let’s see how this partnership goes on!



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