Good friday a religions holiday by Christians to remember the crucifixion of jesus Christ

Good friday is a religions holiday observed annualy by Christians to remember the crucifixion of jesus Christ .Its actual date varies from year to year .As it is based when jewish passover takes place ,as the date of passover is dependent on the jewish monosolar calender. Good friday falls between march 20th and april 23th each year.

Easter, which celebrates Jesus christ resoraction following his crucifixion that falls on sunday two days later.As written in the new testimony of Bible,Jesus last supper was pass over meal which he shared with his oposal This is when wahing of feet took place and when Jesus first presented the christian basic right, which is now practised as a Holy communion. Christian now celebrate this day as Holy thursday.It is believed that Jesus was betrayed by his judice ,shortly after his last supper by temple guards in the garden and crucified over accusation to be the son of God.

The christians now believe that he is the son of God .Scholars have estimated that the crucifixion took place on Friday in year 33AD and Jesus remains on cross from 9am to 3pm. The whole of suffering is known as “Passion of christ

Good Friday is part of 3 days in Eastern traditionwhich is a literatical period that incorporated Holy saturday and Eastern sunday

They offer devotion to the station of cross in the name of passion and attend prayer services.On the other hand, a complete fast during Holy friday is observed in Easter. Many countries had made this day a Public Holiday.This is the time for fasting ,self deniance and repentance of sin.