God’s Not Dead” is an upcoming movie featuring actor Kevin Sorbo as a college professor who wanted his students to acknowledge God doesn’t exist. The consequence is presently being recorded in Little Rock, Arkansas, and it appears like the producers are using the same playbook as before. Melissa Joan Hart was known to be good for playing the lead role in “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” and then in“Clarissa Explains It All”perform as a high school teacher who reference the Bible in class and gets prosecuted by a student played by Hayley Orrantia of The Gold bergs who trusts in this insane idea called “separation of church and state.”

Now moving to Hope Springs, who is not only the home of Hadleigh University but also Martin Luther King Jr. High School where adored teacher Grace Wesley (Melissa Joan Hart) helps students to understands and relish history. Her love of education and her affection for the students is truly because of the love for Christ. The story takes a turn when Brooke, a sad student desolate the loss of her brother, approaches to Grace, and their coffee-shop conversation naturally leads to Grace sharing the confidence and relief she finds in trusting Christ. When Brooke lateat that day inquires a truthful question about Jesus in class, Grace’s rational response drops her in immense trouble and nearly before she even ends completing her answer. With the major and supervisor linking forces with an enthusiastic civil liberties group, Grace has to go to a trial in court case that could end her career that she dears the most  and banish God from the schoolroom for good.

At first movie was deeply criticized, surrounded bymany other reasons, for having a conspiracy that was totallyseparate from reality. She may, though, start speaking about her own trust once the promotional stunts starts into full speed for this movie, which is scheduled for release next Easter.At the end this story is a slight more reasonable and people appreciate teachers preach in public school classrooms. As this is a typical Christian film, so don’t jump to conclusions and assume the guess at how it plays out in the end.


This is an exciting story with a definite drama situation. After responding a question about Jesus asked by a student played by Hayley Orrantia and this junior high-school teacher (Melissa Joan Hart) has to face a classic court case that could finish her career.


  • Melissa Joan Hart as Grace
  • Wesley Ray Wise as Pete
  • Kane Jesse Metcalfe as Tom Endler
  • David A.R. White as Rev. Dave
  • Robin Givens as Principal Kinney
  • Ernie Hudson as Judge Stennis
  • Eamonn McCrystalas Simon Boyle Hayley
  • Director: Harold Cronk
  • Film series: God’s Not Dead
  • Production Company: Pure Flix Entertainment
  • Producers: David A. R. White, Russell Wolfe, Elizabeth Hatcher-Travis, Michael Scott, Brittany Lefebvre


The trailer of the movie can be seen on this link.

Release Date:

The movie will be released all over America on April 1, 2016 (USA)


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