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The phenomenon of video calling has been excelled by Skype for the last so many years, In other words, a complete monopoly was observed in the case of video calling that could be alarming for users. Thanks to Google that has come up with a mind-blowing solution to video calling phenomenon and making it easy for users to have other options as well apart from Skype.

The mesmerizing Google Hangout new update is truly one of a kind and its release is truly a defining moment in history. Through its awesome update, Google Hangouts will now enable users to add anyone into a video-call in spite of the fact that the person you are adding has no Google Account. This facility was only available in Skype; however, Google hangout has given a touch of elegance to video calling phenomenon.  Google Hangouts will also make your video calling a secure one and will give sender full control over the conversations.

Users should keep in mind that free video-call that does not involve Google account is convenient through Google Calendar. Moreover, once you set up a Google Hangouts link, you simply have to send a calendar invite to the person you want to keep inside the conversation.  Moreover, you can also accept or deny any guest that comes into the conversation using that link.

Overall, this application has come up as the best competitor to Skype and in the end; users are the ultimate beneficiary through this healthy competition.


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