Kudos to Matthew Lai! a student at the London Imperial College, for coming up with such an awe-inspiring artificial intelligence program. The concept is wholly and solely a new one and is based on neural networking. For the first time, we are having an artificial intelligence program that comes up with strategy, feature extraction and pattern recognition the way humans do.

Most of us would find it very shocking and interesting to know that Giraffe is the first thinking AI. The awesome AI has spread waves with its performance and is truly turning out to be the best one in artificial intelligence. You will be amazed to know that Giraffe has learnt to play chess in only one day and plays it like a pro. It is truly amazing that an artificial intelligence can play chess game on a professional level in just one day.

Lai engineered Giraffe AI to be able to learn chess in three different stages: player turns, available pieces and state of the board. Moreover, being able to absorb and learn so much information and thus gaining the capacity of developing their skills.  Giraffe is not the most advanced form of AI so far and that is why there is still a long way to go.

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