Ghost Recon Wildlands Release
(Image: Playstation)

Ubisoft has given fans something to dull the pain of waiting for the Ghost Recon Wildlands Release Date to finally arrive, a gift in the form of four new videos that will surely give players an idea of what’s in store for them inside this new, open world, drug war game. March 7, 2017, is still quite far away, but luckily fans get to enjoy Ubisoft’s teasers while waiting for the Ghost Recon Wildlands Release Date to arrive.

In the first video released by Ubisoft, fans will be able to get a look and feel of what the gun powder-filled, drug lord playing open world game will be like once the Ghost Recon Wildlands Release Date finally arrives. The game’s lead designer Dominic Butler has shared some of his insights regarding the game he co-designed in the first video below.

The second video released by Ubisoft shows that there were a few lucky players from the Ghost Recon player base that were able to pay a visit to the studio where Ghost Recon Wildlands was being developed. They are the first to be able to explore this brand new open world drug fighting game. The video below shows how these lucky fans enjoyed trying out the game.

In addition to those lucky fans who got the first glimpse into the world of Wildlands, several participants from the E3 event also got to test out the game, the video below shows how everyone appeared to be impressed on how the game is at present.

In another video, Ubisoft gives the spotlight to the team that is behind the development of Ghost Recon Wildlands and what caused them to design the game in a much different style compared to previous installments of the series.


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