This Starbuck’s latest drink¬†Unicorn Frappuccino will blow your senses away!

Since last year multicolored food, hair and practically everything else has been doing rounds on the social media.

The latest edition to this trend is Starbuck’s Unicorn Frappuccino. Should you try it? Obviously yes! Why would this question even cross your mind? So what does the Starbuck’s Unicorn Frappuccino contain? Here is the list of ingredients, take a look.

The Frappuccino creme is blended with a dust of sweet pink powder, mango syrup is added to give a delightful texture to fruit blast drink. It is further layered with drizzling blue sour tinge give it a strange sour taste. It is finally coated with whipped vanilla cream and topped with blue sour powder and sweet pink drizzle.

The drink is engineered to change flavors and colors. Initially it is bright purple with blue whirls embellishing it stir it for a while and it will turn to pink. In the meantime the flavor will make a transition from sweet, fruity to sour and tangy. Giving you a blast of flavors which you will not comprehend very easily. This is not science I bet it is pure magic. Actual unicorn horns are supposed to heal you but since all the products from Starbucks are cruelty free it does not contain actual horns.

Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino
Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino, a blast of flavors and colors. It will be available at all the leading outlets in U.S, Canada and Mexico from the 19th of April to April 23rd 2017. Catch out before you miss out on it! Save the date. Mind you! Actual unicorns were not harmed for it since we all love unicorns.

The drink is currently available in the U.S, Canada and Mexico only and that too for a couple of days, It will be available from the 19th of April 2017 to April 23rd. The drink does not only taste good but in fact it is truly delightful to watch it change colors and flavors while you sip on it.

I am surely freaking out about this, are you?

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