Saturday, May 8, 2021

Georges St-Pierre Offers To Disclose Fighters Who Failed Anti-Doping Test From GOAT Discussion


Georges St-Pierre is known for his negative attitude towards doping and other types of forbidden drugs or medication. Back in 2013, when UFC had no strict anti-doping policy, St-Pierre tried to force more accurate drug-tests screening, attracting the attention of VADA (Voluntary Anti-Doping Association).

The attempt of the sportsman failed, however, St-Pierre keeps promoting his idea that MMA needs stricter and more complex anti-drug checks. When the fighter was asked why he decided to come back to the sport in 2017, he named the presence of USADA control as one of the main reasons.

Since 2015 when MMA started its partnership with USADA, many famous fighters have failed drug tests at least once. That was a serious issue in cases of Jon Jones, Fabricio Werdum, Anderson Silva, and some other great sportsmen. All fighters who were proved to take forbidden drugs were punished and banned from UFC fighting for a time.

However, Georges St-Pierre thinks that those measures are not enough. The sportsman offers to avoid including those sportsmen to GOAT (Greatest of All-Time) discussion. The fighter believes that sportsmen who failed anti-doping tests and are caught on taking drugs intentionally shall not represent the sport on such a high level.

St-Pierre added that he has no desire to insult any of his colleagues. He admitted that each sportsman shall have a second chance and shall not be judged too strictly. However, some changes like disclosing sportsmen with PED past from GOAT discussion may help to force anti-doping system work better.

The fighter is known for his desire to change the image of MMA, showing it as a fair and well-organized martial sport. He has tried to influence sportsmen and authority, talking about reducing of aggression level during meeting and conferences.


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