Gegard Mousasi is not a fighter who likes making too much noise. He looks always humble, concentrated, even unemotional. Mousasi is a rare participant of scandalous events comparing to his famous colleagues from UFC and Bellator promotions. That’s the reason why each interview of the current Bellator champion gets so much attention.

Mousasi has great fighting technic. His excellent skills helped him to win over some MMA legends like Belfort, Henderson, Hunt, Souza, and Weidman. However, he has always looked quite cold about his success in the sport.

A few days ago, Mousasi explained that he had never gotten any strong ambitious about MMA. He has always been a great fighter and he liked the sport. However, not the desire to win and to hold champion belt attracted him, but an opportunity to earn some money. One of the best MMA fighters and a person whose name will always stay in the history of martial sports told he had never been happy to see his opponents’ losses. He was driven by a desire to make money only.

Speaking about his sports career, Mousasi stays just the same cold as he often looks. He believes there’s no place for emotions in the sport. No reason to hate his opponents – fighting is just another type of work, a way to earn a salary.

Mousasi also told he used to think about stopping his sports career. He was ready to take the decision in 2017, after his bright victorious fight against Alexander Shlemenko. Gegard told his eye was badly injured. Right after the fight, he was taken to a hospital. The eye was swollen, bleeding and couldn’t open. Doctors couldn’t give any clear prognosis whether the eye will function normally after a treatment. That time was difficult to the fighter and he never revealed his fears to his fans. However, the situation reminded him that there are many things that mean more than his MMA career.

Mousasi is an interesting fighter that has become a champion, signed contracts with the best promotions in the world and gathered an army of fans without any ambitious to reach this level of popularity and recognition.


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