Gears of Wars 4 Release date has been announced but first Horde Mode has been called egalitarian since gamers need to work together in order to get passed ten waves before finally coming face-to-face with the ultimate boss.

There are five classes to choose from in this new game mode, sniper, soldier, heavy, scout, and engineer. Each class has an important role to play in every battle. Scouts and engineers must work together to maintain fortifications. The heavy, sniper, and soldier, are tasked with carrying the load of battles, through bombing enemies, assault rifle play, defeating enemies using warfare, etc. Every class has its own skill cards which are three at the beginning. As players level up, it can expand to as many as five. This makes game play quite interesting.


Another rumor doing rounds is that the game will allow players to choose the gender for Dominic whenever they play co-op with the character. This was merely an idea which never materialized since creating two genders would also mean they would need two different stories. But with Gears of War 4, it looks like the plan is back on the table. But instead of choosing genders, players get to choose between two perspectives, Kate or Dell.

Gears of War 4 make it way to Xbox One and PC on the 11th of October 2016. It is an Xbox Play Anywhere game which means you can play it on either platform no matter which version you purchase.


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