Starting October 27, Coalition will be releasing a Halloween Elite Pack for the players of Gears of War 4  and here the spooky season is evident with the introduction of the Halloween special Pumpkin Ball. This new addition to the game is actually a dodgeball kind of experience. It is, however, a remixed version that will reduce respawn protection and respawn times to one second.

The new Halloween feature will showcase five maps to explore including Fallout, Forge, Harbor, Impact, and Lift. The Coalition has also returned the Bonus XP rewards for Pumpkin Ball in the name of the Halloween season.

Players who are interested in enjoying the newly released gears in Gears of War 4 should definitely go for the Elite Gear Pack that basically guarantees the player an Epic or even Legendary gear. It is worth mentioning that the cards that will be obtained from the Elite Gear Pack are limited to the Day of the Dead Legendary collection.

There were recent complaints about the Horde matches in both private nad public, hence the developer released a patch to fix these issues, including the quick experience and credits that players can earn via Horde matches.

Now the new patch allows players to earn more credits when participating in a Horde match and the credit that they can get will increase depending on the match difficulty. The total credit rates were also changed, it read “tie a bit more in with finishing the waves and less on finishing consecutive waves and increased the Level XP earn rate on classes.”


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