Gears of War 4
(Image: Origins-app)

Conan O’Brien is known for many things, and for gamers, he is known as the ‘Clueless Gamer” who likes to feature the latest games on his channel. Recently, Conan played Gears of War 4 with Wiz Khalifa, a well-known mellow rapper, and results are hilarious.

The game-wise clueless talk show host has of course and appreciation for games given that he is not exactly a pro gamer, in this video as he plays Gears of War 4, he reveals that he has an appreciation for another substance.

In the recent video, Conan and Khalifa are seen playing Gears of War 4 together. Everything seems normal as they play in a co-op multiplayer mode blasting through enemies without a care in the world.

As they progress to the ravaged planet Sera, Khalifa offers O’brien something to them mellow as they explore Gears of War 4’s extraterrestrial warfare universe. Conan, of course, rejects the offer at first, however it turns out that the two have decided that the best way to enjoy the game is after a few tokes.

The result is a hilarious scenario of two men mellow playing an intense action game as if it is the most relaxing game ever. However as expected from Conan, he still does his occasional freaking out whenever there’s something surprising in the game.

Nonetheless, surely gamers can still enjoy Gears of War 4 without any additional substances to add to the gaming experience. The new game will be out by October 11 for Windows PC and Xbox One, note that if you buy a copy for one platform, you automatically get a few copy for the other.


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