Rumors getting wild and videos turning out to be viral, defines the new stories of iPhone 7. A lot has been heard about the new features of iPhone 7 and there is a lot to come. The final decision stays with Apple as to how the company spills the beans regards to iPhone 7. And fans are eagerly and desperately waiting for the day when the iPhone would get  released.

Fan open their mouths in awe when Apple announced that iPhone 7 would come with a a complete wraparound screen which is tantamount to the fact that Apple is going through a phase of redesigning its flagship phone. Moreover, the absence of home button and sapphire crystal-display are signs that can enable it topping the charts once more.

With newly enticing enhanced features of 3D Touchscreen, iPhone 7 can be the awe-inspiring gadget one wish for. With iPhone 7 turning out to be a completely water-proof gadget, one can easily comprehend as to how mesmerizing the new iPhone would be. Moreover, with Intel working on the new chip would make iPhone 7 the best device ever.

Let’s see how iPhone 7 turns out to be as far as meeting expectations are concerned.

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