gear of war 4
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If you are a game player and Gears of War lover then we have good news for you. On October 11, video game developer, The Coalition will be releasing the fifth installment of Gears of War Saga: The Gears of War 4. The game is set to be released on both Xbox One and PC.

Lead multiplayer designer Ryan Cleven has told IGN Entertainment that playing the game is balanced in the controller first before the mouse and keyboard. Being said that, he also said that both ways of playing the game are “critical” for the developers.

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The Gears of War saga was first released on 2006 for Xbox only but has later expanded to PC platform. Hence, as Cleven puts it “the controller experience, which is the legacy of the game, has to be perfect”.

Despite the game being released on both Xbox and PC platform, players are unable to play against each other in the multiplayer mode. However, with Xbox’s Play Anywhere Program, players can team up and compete in versus mode of the game. Even still, players have the option of playing with keyboard and mouse or the game controller on PC.

According to the Cleven, how the game is being controlled by the PC versus PC platform, be it keyboard and mouse or using the controllers, is up to players. However, players playing in PC versus Xbox is entirely different as to each platform is designed independently.


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