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Ubisoft has already mentioned that new seasonal pass will include all types of equipment, digital contents, and other attached accessories. Most probably this game will launch on 2nd December on PS4, in addition to that only Xbox live Gold and PS Plus subscription will be able to go for multiplayer. In addition to this Ubisoft was also of the view that players will feel easy to explore Alaska. Anyone can avail the moonlight pack, which will offer them three extra nights full of challenges, outfits, and new equipment. This can be gained by a pre-ordering standard edition of the game or go for its Gold edition.

The director of the game, Manceau was of the view that this game is full of action open world that is especially designed by mutual consensus of mind. Steep is part of, Ghost Recon. Manceau was of opinion that our game is offering a new and fresh world, a bright side of this world where everyone will experience a core for happiness. The environment would bring new feelings to the gaming souls. Steep is the main protagonist in the game, who directs other players to move in a certain direction.

Steep’s set is on the hilly mountain in the full winter season, which gives feelings of outdoor games to the player. They have to explore new things in the magical way, which gives energy to true sport’s lover. There is something name steep Beta, which will come at later stage. We hope that it will come before the games arrive in the market. Only Gold and standard edition will be most probably available on early stage.


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