Happy Halloween

A Gamer’s Halloween

Happy Halloween

Halloween is upon us and how would we like to spend this spooky night? If you are not going to go out and trick or treat, how does staying home and playing through the most terrifying games you can find sound? Sounds good, doesn’t it? Instead of watching a scary movie, why not play the role of the person inside the horrific story by playing a game? Here are a few titles of the most notable horror games.

22 Terrifying Video Games

The Telegraph was kind enough to put together a list of the best games to play this spooky season! Submerging ourselves into these games will surely bring out the scary mood!

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood 

A horrifying joyride to outrun screaming pig heads, sounds disturbing? Well, it’s available in VR too if you want more spook for your buck.

Back in 1995

This also made The Telegraph’s list for being one of those eerie nostalgic games similar to Silent Hill and Alone in the Dark.

Through the Woods

This game shows a mother trying to overpower werewolves, ghouls, and whatnot to find her son.

Dead by Daylight

A thrilling game of chase between killer and survivors. If you want to cuddle up with friends for Halloween, this multiplayer game may be for you!


Haunted houses don’t scare you? Well, try playing  Your typical haunted house adventure horror game that also has VR support!

Five Nights at Freddy’s

This is a light horror-comedy video game that has an assortment of mini-games and challenges to keep your mind occupied this Halloween Season.


Another game with puzzles and mystery to keep you busy and  definitely has a spooky story to get into. Goodluck finding the missing father and priest, think you can do it before Halloween ends?

Weeping Doll

Some of us fear clowns, others fear dolls. If you are the latter, face your fears and play Weeping Doll. What better way to scare yourself this Halloween season than staying in a sinister house filled with killer dolls. Did I mention it’s in PSVR?


Blameless is an eerie crime thriller to twist your minds this Halloween. How many mysteries can you solve before dawn?

Camp Sunshine

Camp Sunshine is a 16-bit RPG game that’s filled with blood and gore as the player tries to outsmart a killer mascot.


Syndrome is a good horror game for those who like the outer space, stuck in a doomed spaceship. How are you going to survive?

The Whisper in Darkness

The video game adaptation of HP Lovecraft’s story, a very disturbing visual novel.


NightCry will get your blood pumping as you try and run away from a scissor-wielding psycho creature!


Inside is a scary, adrenaline triggering survival game as you navigate through the forest trying to escape masked men, who most likely want to see your demise.

Other notable games on the list are White Noise 2, Stay Close, Archimedes, Near Death, Slayer Shock, Anatomy, Kitchen, and Civilization VI. You tough enough to play them alone?

Halloween Game Events 2016

Nearly all great games that provide consistent updates will dish out something awesomely spooky this Halloween Season.


DragonNest is an MMORPG that is known to have annual Halloween events, they never fail to decorate Lagendia with pumpkin heads and eerie music. Moreover, the return of the double surprise Gatcha box is fabulous with cool accessories up for grabs including epic grade wings. There is also a login event to reward players with more goodies as they stay online.

League of Legends
Devil Teemo
(Credits: Riot Games)

Riot’s hit game League of Legends has activated their Harrowing season. A bunch of new skins are released and up for grabs for 1350 RP and 975 RP. The most notable of which is the literally satanic Teemo. It’s either you love Teemo, or hate Teemo, and either way you know you are getting the Lil’ Devil Teemo skin. Just look at that little demon. Other Harrowing skins released this Halloween is Bewitching Tristana and Bewitching Morgana.


Halloween for ArcheAge players means the return of Hallowtide where players can collect different themed items depending on how much tokens they are willing to spend. During the Halloween season, there are also limited-time achievements to be earned! So get to work! Moreover, it is worth mentioning that Two Crowns and Solis Headlands are off-limits to PvP.

Black Dessert Online

This online game offers a variety of Halloween themed items up for grabs via the special event quest exclusive for this spooky season! There is also a login event that will get the player candies to be used as an exchange item for special rewards. All the player needs to do is login every day! There is also a $45 limited edition bundle that will reward players with a skeleton look for the horse, a blood-suit, and a cute pet!

(Credits: YouTube)

To celebrate the Halloween season, Overwatch has replaced the regular Loot Boxes with special glowing jack-o’- lanterns. These new loot boxes are filled with over 100 cosmetic goodies. It is worth mentioning that for every Loot Box you get during the event duration will have at least one item from the Halloween 2016 collection! This includes profile icons, victory poses, sprays, emotes, skins, highlight intros and a lot more!

Company of Heroes 2

By logging in from today until November 8 will earn you creepy skin sets for this year’s Halloween season. The skins can be equipped on October 28 to 31 in order to get twice the amount of loot points!

According to Gamespot, here are other games that also celebrate the Halloween season with a spooky event! Alliance of Valliant Arms, Atlas Reactor, Clustertruck, Battlerite, Bridge Constructor, DC Universe Online, Dead by Daylight, Defiance, Destiny, Destiny, The Elder Scrolls Online, FIFA 17, Final Fantasy XIV, Gears of War 4, Grand Theft Auto V, Guild Wars 2, Heroes of the Storm, League of Legends, Madden NFL 17, NHL 17, Overwatch, Paragon, Pokemon Go, Rift, Rocket League, Smite, Street Fighter V, Tera, Team Fortress 2, Temple Run 2 and World of Warcraft.