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We just received and managed to get this leak that in this Game Of Thrones Season 7, Jon Snow might be clashing up with the White Walkers army. We are sure that it will come out as an epic an exciting kind of clash right between Jon and this army of the dead. As we know that the Jon Snow made a joining to the Night Watch right in the very beginning of these Game of Thrones. He actually made his living and survival by defending his own people. He used to protect his own people against this undead army of these White Walkers.

Game of Thrones Season 7 News
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What’s Game of Thrones Season 7 Rumors All About?

If you have watched the season 6, you must have seen that the oncoming army of these dead was actually teased by Bran’s visions. If we talk about the latest one and current one plot spoilers then we have received these reports that this army of White Walkers might be marching towards a right to the south of the Wall. It’s heard that a giant and a big set has also been setup. You will see an artificial kind of frozen lake. This lake will be giving a hint towards something dead. You should note that this takes been built and created at Wolf Hill Quarry which is near Belfast.

Game of Thrones Season 7 Updates
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Artificial Frozen Lake Built at Wolf Hill Quarry

All of this setup, this creation of frozen lake has been giving us hints and indications that Jon Snow might be clashing up with the White Walkers army in this game of thrones season 7. You will be surprised to know that around and about 300 extras will also be playing weights right in this exciting scene. You will be able to see the most elaborate and detailed settings in this scene. It will be one of the long-drawn shots of this game of thrones season 7.

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How Intense Will This Scene Come Out To Be?

If we talk about the intensity of this epic scene with regard to the possible clash that will happen between the White Walkers and Jon Snow, it’s expected by the fans that it will be a dynamic and to one of the elaborate sequences of this season 7. As the North is right now under the reign of this King Jon Snow and also his half-sister named as Sansa Stark. It looks and chances are that there will be an epic and huge clash right between Jon and this Army of the Dead. It’s not known yet that when this battle will occur and how the fans will perceive this battle!

So are you all waiting for this epic conflict, do you want to see this Battle of the Bastards? Do you want to see some more happy reunions? Are you eagerly waiting for these consequent clashes? So just wait for a little bit more time.