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With one of the most anticipated deaths, spoiler if you’re still catching on, Ramsay Bolton being butchered by his dogs, the most hated man left the show. However, it left the audience ever more anticipated about several things, to top it all off; what did he mean when he said “You can’t kill me, I’m part of you now” to Sansa Stark.

It has been announced that the season will be shot in the summer of 2016 in the Northern Islands, Iceland, and Croatia, and won’t be returning to the screens till the summer of 2017. This automatically takes the season out of the running from Emmy’s 2017 where it has secured more than 20 nominations for itself in the previous years.

HBO also announced that this would be the last season for the show. This has led several viewers wondering what all would be resolved in Game Of Thrones Season 7? What is going to become of the King in the North? Will Arya Finally reunite with what’s left of her family? Will Daenerys Targaryen bring her epic journey to an end? What did Jamie Lannister think when Cersei was crowned queen? Whether you love the show, or you hate it, the last season is bound to have a viewership like never before. The eagerness is higher than ever before with everyone wanting their favorite characters to finally be at peace and the one’s they despise to meet their fatal ends that serve justice.

If you are like us and can’t wait to get back to this dragon centered and violence filled show, then we would suggest watching the pre-production video released by HBO earlier this month. The two-minute video features Ramsay Bolton’s voice and voices from Cersei Lannister’s crowning, stone eyes, the Stark flag and of course the one and only Iron Throne.

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