Game Of Thrones Season 7
(Credits : Nerdmuch)

As it is already decided that season 8 is going to be the final season of “Game of Thrones,” season 7 has already grown up massive interest among fans.As stated in Vanity Fair, the most recent rumor flying in the air is about a huge battle that may appear in the penultimate season. The casting call for a large number of extras has made the basement of this rumor. It is evident that they are searching for men with some specific characteristics. Apparently “thin people,” general men and women are going to take part as general villagers.

Soldiers or military experienced are requested to apply for “men in good physical conditions”. Certainly, they are going to take part as soldiers. The shooting will take place in the Caceres province. The place makes a good place for a historic war as it has vast open area and ruined castles.

According to Screencrush, all these marks surely indicate that there is a war waiting for the audience in season 7. They claimed that it also indicates the Dragon Mother Khaleesi has opted out to battle alongside her Kha La Saar army. Cinemablend has reported that Dorne ends their peaceful silence by raiding King’s landing. The production unit is searching for a huge number of extra women, which may indicate filling up Dornish community. Is the rumor going to be true? Are they really going to attack King’s landing next year?

A recent report says that Cersei is going to make an alliance with a new friend. Since her choice of the alliance is very narrow, everything suggests Euron Greyjoy as the best possibility. This is surely going to provide a new twist in the series. Like all the previous seasons, season 7 has a lot to deliver. Which creates a hope among fans that the series may be extended to season 9? Though it is not declared yet it is certain because fans never want to see the end of their most favorite TV show.


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