Galloway on Film: The Art of Negotiation

There are a few years, Foreign Minister Warren Christopher gave some helpful tips for the art of negotiation.

Galloway on Film: The Art of Negotiation
Galloway on Film: The Art of Negotiation

It’s time we learned the value of compromise, from Donald Trump on down.

Firstly, he says, always from a point of agreement with the points that are not disputed and get from there. Do not start with that you agree. Moment is the confrontation of work for some things, but some kumbaya best by concluding an agreement.

Secondly, regardless of the strength of your hand, leave something on the table on the other side. You do not have to feel the whole pie full. You can use without destroying your opponent’s victory. This way, one day will return both to the table, without anger or anger.

Christopher knew what he was talking about. His friends called him “Cardinal” and I think it was for their kindness and efficiency in the private. The obituaries after his death in 2011 were beaten by words such as “polite” and “gentleman” and that both trains used repeatedly, even the hard deals.

He was the chief trader of the United States in 1981, the release of the American hostages held in Iran instead; He assisted President Carter in ratifying the Panamakan Treaty; He helped normalize relations with China; And he was the man responsible for the recommendation of the police of Los Angeles reforms after the serious disturbances of 1992.

Like all others, he had his weaknesses: he never made peace in the Middle East and has not been criticized more aggressively when he led the Al Gore team after the controversial presidential elections in 2000.

But he was a master of giving and taking, which is the heart of any successful negotiation. He showed that compromise is possible and even necessary in the long run for both civilizations for their own longevity. He showed that one can leave his lover, and maintain their integrity.

This philosophy is now under attack.

If anything past past presidential elections have shown it is that many citizens of this country (perhaps most) are not in the mood to admit anything or even think of meeting the other side halfway.

When giving and receiving the leitmotiv of Christopher was to take and receive has become the mantra of our time.

It would be easy, Donald Trump as an avatar of this goal; After all, keeping the decision both their business and their involvement as executive producer of The Apprentice – while serving as president – fits in any case the form, and there is some irony in the fact that the man who wrote the art cast seems that To represent the opposite of all Christopher.

But both parties have been rooted even deeper into their own faith systems, so many of the members who prefer to fall on their swords fall into the nature of brokers who accept changes that could make life better.