The Galaxy S9 series is available to the customer of Korea, but things do not seem good for Samsung, as more and more reports are confirming the previous week’s rumors. As the new report stated, the preorders have not been able to match the performance of Galaxy S8 and the first-day sale numbers were about 70% of the Galaxy S8 series. That would prove to be a significant fall, suggesting that the company’s strategy of releasing an update of “S” in the current year is not carrying out well with the customers.

Samsung has the plans of selling more units of Galaxy S9 in the initial year than Galaxy S8. The company has set a 43 million target on sales for the mobile, which is higher by 2 million than the Galaxy S8.

As per the industry sources, only 180,000 units of Galaxy s9 were distributed on the initial day by the country’s top three carriers as compared to last year’s 260,000 units for the Galaxy S8. The industry watchers have stated that the performance of Galaxy S9 hovered below the level of expectations. The company, however, has not yet released any sale numbers for the country that could confirm the reports.

A few weeks ago, at MWC 2018, DJ Koh seemed to be very enthusiastic about the sales of Galaxy S9, stating that the handset would make better sales than its predecessor. That sentiment seemed to have remained inside the company, as another report said that the company has set a sales target of 43 million units for the mobile. As per reports, Samsung had made arrangements with the local suppliers on the basis of this sales goal.

A source said that Samsung aimed to ship 43 million units of the S9 and S9 Plus though it could revise the sales goal depending on market conditions. The source further added that the yield rate of the new flagship handsets was taken into consideration.

Market analysts expect the company to make a sale between 40 million and 43 million units of Galaxy S9 in the current year. The company sold 41 million units of Galaxy S8 and 48 million units Galaxy S7 units.

It is actually not just Samsung but the whole business smartphone is expected to decline in the current year and all the best players are perhaps going to be affected.


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