Frequency Season 1
(Credits : Youtube)

Adapted from the 2006 Gregory Hoblit film “Frequency”, the New Tv Serial Frequency Season 1 has been developed by veteran television writer and producer Jeremy Carver, who is known for his masterpieces like Supernatural and Being Human. To the delight of the audience, it has been reported that the release date of the first season of the Frequency series is supposed to be on the 5th of October, 2016. Hence, the days are numbered, and viewers can be ready to enjoy with bated breath, an episodic visual of thrill and mystery on the television.

The plot of New Tv Serial Frequency Season 1 focuses on the central character, Raimy Sullivan, who is an NYPD Detective and finds herself able to communicate through a ham radio with her deceased father, Frank Sullivan. In an emotionally helpless and desperate attempt to save her father, Raimy lands herself amidst a cobweb of inextricable mystery and crime. Finally, she has to collaborate with her father to give a conclusion to an age-old murder case. “Pilot”, “Signal and noise”, and the Near-Far Problem”, these are supposedly the names of the episodes of the upcoming Frequency season. As far as the casting of lead roles is concerned, Peyton List has been reported to play Raimy Sullivan, and Riley Smith plays her father, Frank Sullivan.


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