Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Is There Friendship In Bodybuilding? Ric Drasin Explains How He Managed To Make Friends With His Competitors

Most professional bodybuilders look quite positive and chill. They pose together with their competitors, congratulate each other in a case of success, and share common photos in their social accounts. Everything looks so great, however, not everything is the same in real life.

People want to see a kind of sports show every time their favorite sportsmen are on stage. Fans love paying attention at the top-bodybuilders, discussing not only their professional achievements but also their personalities. Bodybuilders understand that their positive image may bring them more fame, more attention, more power, and more commercially attractive contracts.

Many bodybuilders create a very special image to attract more attention: some may look kinder and more friendly than they really are, others, in the opposite, trying to look bald and brutal. However, the only thing that stays true for all: many bodybuilders are very different from how we imagine them.

Perhaps, we would never know what’s going on behind the bodybuilding stage and how the sportsman behave when they stay far from cameras and close to those who they compete against, if not fascinating stories of Ric Drasin.

The former sportsman created another interesting video to tell the stories about relationships between sportsmen in the Golden Era of bodybuilding. Ric loves sharing his own memories and tells some true stories in a very special and emotional way. It makes Drasin’s story a real sensation awaited by thousands of sports fans.

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