Friday the 13th Release Date
(Image : Youtube)

Game developer slash published Gun Media has hosted a Questions & answers panel for the Friday the 13th: The Game during the Scarefest 2016. The team shared the details regarding the upcoming slasher game and some game features as well. During the Questions & Answers panel for Friday the 13th: The Game, Gun Media was kind enough to reveal a few features of the game, it seems like each character will have their own music, hence if one of the players end up playing on of the counselors, a jock or maybe a geek, the soundtrack they will hear while playing would be different from each other’s. Plus, it was previously known that there will be one player who gets to play Jason and the rest will have to pick from the counselors in Crystal Lake and team up to survive or defeat the hockey mask-clad murderer, however it seems that the person who gets to play as Jason Voorhees can pick from seven different Jasons.

According to reports, Friday the 13th: The Game will have seven different Jasons to choose from, some with the ability to run, some without, to be more precise if the player opts for a non-zombie version of Jason from part 2 & 3, running is possible. Moreover, the mother of Jason, Pamela Voorhees will be giving the Jason player instructions on what to do and encourage words to pursue his murder spree.

Fans who are excited about Friday the 13th: The Game can already pre-order the game via the game’s official website. For those who opt to pre-order the game, they will be getting a free Soundtrack CD, an art book and a Machete Steelcase Collector’s Edition as per Dread Central.  The game is expected to be launched in October, ripe for Halloween.


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