French Elections
Le Pen vs Marcon

French election is in news for the last week. The election has two rounds and the main buzz around is the first round is over. The top two listed candidates are Marcon and  Le Pen. They have got the highest ranking among all the candidates.

Marcon Vs Le Pen in French Election round 2.

Although the official results for the round 1 will be announced on Wednesday. But it is just listed as a formality. Marcon and Le Pen have got the highest votes among all. There was a total of eleven candidates.

Marcon is independent, polished and impassioned.

French election
Marcon in French elections

Taking into account Marcon’s history. He proves himself to be a worthy candidate for the French election. He is 39 years of age, enthusiastic enough to fought for his win against Le Pen.

Le Pen lawyer by profession is a National Leader.

french Elections
Le pen.

Although, Le Pen is elder than Marcon has at of experience for this cabin. She is a National Leader and lawyer by profession. She is imperious and theatrical. All set to chase her target against Marcon.

According to the results of the first round, Marcon seems to be in lead.

The unofficial results for the first round reflect the lead of Marcon against Len Pe in the trending French election.  Marcon seems to score more votes than Le.Hence, the prediction for the round two results seems that Marcon will be gaining 60.63% votes. Probably, Le Pen will have an account of 39.37% votes. Although this is an unofficial estimation, more is yet to come.

The second round will be conducted on 7th May 2017. The polling will be allowed from 8:00 am-8:00 pm.  Finally, Polling stations will be closed after that.

Both the candidates are all set for the campaign to final flurry. It is a do or dies situation for them. Both of them are of equal capabilities.  Of course, both are equally worthy of the seat.

Final campaign will be at the event held on Tuesday where they will first commemorate the policeman who was a gun shot. It will be a gesture of harmony with his relatives.  Consequently, both the candidates will address to the public. They will specify their motives and goals for outreaching French elections.

The final results will be announced on the same day. May the best candidate win!