Forza horizon 3
(Credits: Playground Games)

Forza Horizon 3 update is gaining huge popularity. Although it has not been release but free demos for practice has been released on Xbox One. After getting that full game one can easily get its digital version free. To get what’s interesting in this game, we have gone through series of reviews from our different sites. These game sites are displaying the popularity trend of the game on demo, and also showing the remarks about its graphics and quality.

According to “Gamespot– 9/10”, Forza Horizon 3 is a thrilling driving game for users. The new option of off-roads is a good decision. The game is enriched with a reward system and allows you to go anywhere you want. The brand you are choosing allows you to motivate alongside by pulling you along the series of milestones.

According to “ArcadeSushi– 9.5/10”, this game is a complete package that one can expect from modern racing. It has all the ups and downs, which can be possible, make a player much enthusiastic. While playing, it brings a clear look of what we are doing and what is next step. It has been made on the strong foundation. If we compare it with previous motor games, then it is much advanced and open to the world game.

According to “IGN– 9.5/10”, it is an awe sum game which advanced customization options. The variety of places is very fascinating. While according to “Shacknews- 9/10”, comparing all Forza series, this one is the best of all. Playing this game is like you are in real places; it is wonderful to the experience I could ever imagine.


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