Forza Horizon 3
(Credits : Youtube)

The euphoria and excitement for the Forza Horizon 3 Release Date inching closer and closer have gone global as fans eagerly await the Forza Horizon 3 Release Date on September 27 for Xbox One and Microsoft’s Windows 10 PC.

Forza Horizon is definitely loved and much awaited by fans from all over the world, not only that, it has also gathered good reviews from numerous companies. One of which is IGN, according to them Forza Horizon 3 is a “master-class in open-world racing and bigger and better than its excellent predecessor across the board.” While Dual Shockers mentioned that Forza Horizon 3 is an unstoppable force of adventure and fun.

While the Forza Horizon 3 Release Date is still on September 27, early access for the owners of the Ultimate Edition has already begun on September 23. Another great news for Ultimate edition players is that they will be rewarded extra goodies such as a Car Pass, VIP membership, and a few cars.

Though the Forza Horizon 3 Release Date being announced is enough reason for joy, another announcement has also been made by Turn 10 Studios and Playground Games. According to them, the original Forza Horizon game for Xbox 260 will be in the “End of Life” status by October 20. This means that the game and all related DLC and content will no longer be available for purchase after the said date. Though players who will purchase Forza Horizon before it is put on “End of Life” status will still have access to all the game’s downloadable content.


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