Forever Young: Dexter Jackson Looks Great In Recent Posing Show

Dexter Jackson says it’s not easy to compete when you are 50. Yet the 2008 champion still looks perfectly at the stage. This weekend made Dexter’s fans amazed: the legendary sportsman is not getting old!

Life is changing. We stay and feel young longer. More and more enthusiastic people prove age is only a number. Yet bodybuilding is a very different sphere. When your body goes beyond all possible limits, being young is a serious priority.

The older you are, the slower your metabolism is. Your bones and joints may become more vulnerable. And your old traumas may get worse. Yet all these factors can’t stop Dexter Jackson from being on stage. He’s 50+ and he’s fabulous.

Recent NPC Body Be 1 Classic Guest Posing

Dexter Jackson is more than just another bright and talented sportsman. He’s a role model for a generation of bodybuilders. That’s why he’s the number one guest at all bodybuilding shows and contests. This weekend the sportsman visited NPC Body Be 1 event.

Dexter agreed for a great posing show. While the Olympia contest is planned months away from now, the 2008 champ already looks perfect. Dexter amazed the guests with his physique. He looked almost the same as years ago. How can this man stay so young and fit after his 50th birthday?

Dexter’s Secret

Most experts think that the only reason why Dexter is still on the stage – is his genetics. No doubt, far not all sportsmen are physically able to be in professional sport for so long. Yet there are some other factors that prolong Jackson’s career.

Smaller weights
Jackson believes bodybuilding is not about being extra strong. There’s a clear line between lifting heavy weights and growing bulky muscles. Working with comfortable weights is the optimal strategy for the ex-champion. Plus, it helps to avoid trauma.

Fewer rest days
Offseason is not for eating sandwiches and missing workouts. Dexter says that offseason never means ‘doing nothing’ for him. The former Olympia king stays fit all year round. It helps to reduce the stress level before the contest.

Positive attitude
Dexter is never in the center of a scandal. ‘If you feel sad or angry – go to a gym!’ – a simple rule that always works.

If Dexter keeps competing for a few more years, he may become the oldest competing bodybuilder of the Modern Era. Soon we will see how many chances he’s got to break the record!

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