For Honor
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Ubisoft’s For Honor is definitely one of the most anticipated games set for launch on 2017. The new action game is said to be a promising one as there have been a trail of teasers released and there are a lucky bunch who got the game already. As per the report of NDTV, the new For Honor will make its debut during the Indian Games Expo 2016. Ubisoft will feature the For Honor single player mode during this event and on this year’s E3, the single player campaign mode was also revealed. While one of the key features of Ubisoft’s new game is the split screen feature which was scrapped by the developers as last week.

If we look back, last September For Honor had an alpha test and it was rather warmly accepted by those lucky gamers who got to participate in it. During the said test, the lucky players got to try on the Samurai, Viking, Knight, Raider, Conqueror and Berserker. There will also be three multiplayer modes available for the game, consisting of the 1v1 Duel, 2v2 Brawl, and the 4v4 Dominion. For Honor will let players explore and enjoy the different skill sets and abilities each character has to offer and utilize them depending on their actions and later form a team to crush enemy teams.

As per IGN, the much-awaited game will be making its debut this weekend at the IGX 2016, however, the playable demo is not yet revealed, but the players will most likely be able to play as Knight, Viking, and Samurai factions. On the brighter side of things, those players from India who would like to participate in the event should now that there is no entrance fee. Note that the final release of For Honor will be on February 14, 2017, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


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