For Honor
(Image: YouTube)

For Honor is one of Ubisoft’s most-awaited games for 2017, it features the Knights, Samurais, and Vikings each having different battle styles and attack and defense mechanics. The game’s uniqueness gives it much reason to be loved by gamers as well as Ubisoft’s dedication to listening to the concerns of the fans by heart and move towards addressing them as well. Ubisoft has recently released a new trailer for their new game which showcases the best of the best in For Honor.

The trailer featured numerous combat sequences and was humorous thanks to the other players. One of which is the scene where two warriors were dancing in their victory over their enemies and it was called ‘Conquerors Cut Loose’. Other than that funny scene, the new trailer has more to offer.

Regardless of the suspensive, serious and intense battleground, the game is set in, For Honor was still able to pull off being an enjoyable game as seen in the trailer. During the Alpha test, the players who participated were able to experience a somewhat unconquerable battle with numerous kinds of warfare including dominion matches, brawls, and duels

In other news, Ubisoft has announced that they have decided to ditch the split screen feature according to Gamespot. This announcement came as a surprise to many of the fans following the development of the game since in a previous statement Jason Vandenberghe said that the split screen feature is an “absolute key feature”. What is left to do is wait for the game to be released on February 14, 2017, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


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