For Honor
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Reddit becomes of great outlet for gamers to talk about this upcoming game and mixed reviews are provided by the gamers. In general, “For Honor” is considered to be a really smooth experience and solid baseline with regards to game mechanics.

Those who participated in the closed alpha noted that the game remains to be peer-to-peer during its launch date in February next year. The revenge meter is another concern wherein it only increases once the player is attacked by more than a person. But if not, this revenge meter would quickly go down.

September 18, Sunday at 5 pm PST is the time for the closed alpha to end according to Forbes. But gamers must not worry since the game would have a single player campaign on its launch next year in February.

For the recent update about the “For Honor” of Ubisoft, there will be three class types which are the Viking, Samurai, and Knight. Though the closed alpha will have its end by tomorrow still, gamers who were able to participate in it have experienced unlocking those new abilities, cosmetic options and equipment based on Games Radar.

And also, these gamers were able to access the Kensei or Samurai, Warden, Orochi and Raider characters which are announced previously. Once “For Honor” is launch on February next year on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One wherein the Berserker and Conqueror will also be available.

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