Many food service workers working in different restaurant businesses have been diagnosed with Hepatitis A, informed the Kanawha-Charleston Health Department (KCHD).

As per the press release by KCHD, there are over 80 confirmed cases of Hepatitis A in Putnam and Kanawha counties.

A worker, employed at McDonald’s located in the Putnam County was diagnosed with the disease and may have been the cause of the spread of the disease from April 25 to May 12.

Another worker, employed at the American Inn at Hurricane Creek Road, Hurricane has also tested positive for Hepatitis A, along with one more worker employed at Buck’s Pizza in Nitro.

As per the release, the work schedules of the workers during the spread of the disease are not available presently. As a precautionary measure, the KCHD said that the other co-workers at each of these restaurants have been given Hepatitis A vaccinations.

KCHD is suggesting that those people who have consumed food items or beverages from these restaurants must keep a check on the Hepatitis A symptoms but is not advising them to get Hepatitis A immunisations.

Notably, once a person contracts the Hepatitis A virus, it may take several days or even weeks for the signs and symptoms to show up. The major Hepatitis A symptoms includes loss of appetite, fever, vomiting, fatigue, pain in abdomen, nausea, dark-coloured urine, light-coloured stools and even jaundice. To prevent the disease, one of the most important things for people to do is to wash their hands after using a wash room, but vaccination is also a great measure available.

Those people who think they have such symptoms must immediately seek medical assistance.

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