Thursday, August 18, 2022

Flex Wheeler Receives a Message from Ronnie Coleman: “It’s All About the Fight, My Brother!”

Flex Wheeler had a fascinating career. Yet great stresses cost him his health. The sportsman is in the hospital due to strong pains. Ronnie Coleman tries to support his colleague with a message.

Flex Wheeler is known for his strong spirit. There’s almost nothing able to stop him on the way to his goals. Yet perhaps this strong determination to the sport encouraged Flex to put his health at great risk. Being younger, the bodybuilder fought kidney diseases.

Yet now he keeps fighting numerous health issues that could be caused by inhuman stresses. A year ago Flex had to undergo a leg amputation. The shocking news was painful and unexpected for Flex and his fans. Yet the sportsman managed to overcome the situation. In a few months only he came back to what he loves most – to training.

The sportsman looked absolutely happy. He learned to live and work out without his calve. Yet recently Wheel was hospitalized. The reason is strong leg pain. Flex Wheeler appears absolutely embarrassed:  “The last few days has been more than I could handle…” – the sportsman wrote on his Instagram.

Ronnie Coleman was among the first to support his colleague. “It’s all about the fight, my brother!” – Coleman wrote. He also explained that he’s in a similar situation. Ronnie will probably need another operation soon, yet he does everything he can to prevent that.

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