Flex Wheeler Is Back to Training after Leg Amputation

Losing a leg may sound like the end of a professional career to a sportsman. Yet Flex Wheeler proves it’s not necessary. The sportsman is coming back to his gym. Flex still trains like a pro. He motivates and inspires. It’s worth seeing!

Flex is a famous sportsman. His career was bright and inspiring. Most bodybuilding fans remember his brilliant performances. Yet only a few people knew how much pain stood behind Wheeler’s excellent image. The sportsman has been suffering from a serious disease for years. Recently doctors had to amputate Wheeler’s leg to save his life.

It was a great shock for Flex, his family, friends, and fans. Wheeler has always been active and mobile. How could he cope with the new life conditions? Yet Flex managed to overcome the difficult situation. After a short rehabilitation period, the bodybuilder is living a full life again.

Recently Flex came back to training. He started with little activity and smaller weights. Now, after a few workouts, the sportsman is working like a pro. He recorded his leg training day. Having a prosthetic leg he works harder than lots of his younger colleagues.   

The sportsman says that making his muscles strong again is not a heavy task. The real strength is the strength of his mind and will. Flex believes that nothing can stop him from training. “I will not be denied!”, – he wrote on his Instagram.

Flex still needs time to get used to his new leg. He also needs to adapt his training program to be comfortable for him. Yet no one has doubt he will succeed and return to his excellent physique. Thousands of people are amazed by Wheeler’s power. He gets more followers daily. Some people come to support him. While most are joining in for inspiration. An example of unstoppable Flex is a good lesson for all of us.

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