Flex Lewis Leaves Olympia Due to Injury

This year is full of unexpected surprises. Yet not all of them are going to be pleasant. James “Flex” Lewis who has won the 212 Olympia seven times, is now officially out of the contest. The bodybuilder has already explained his reasons and said sorry to his fans and friends.

What will 2020 Olympia be? That’s quite hard to predict, except for one detail – this year’s contest will have a lot to surprise us. Alongside the awaited return of Phil Heath, a possible comeback of Shawn Rhoden and Kai Greene, there is also less positive news. Recently James “Flex” Lewis said he was forced to stop preparing for the 2020 Olympia contest.

James explained that the main reason for quitting the contest was his dangerous injury and severe pains caused by it. The sportsman didn’t plan to skip Olympia before. James confessed that he already had experience in training and competing soon after being injured. Yet despite his strong desire to participate in Olympia this year, he simply can’t do it.

The athlete’s family and team support his decision. The bodybuilder said that his wife and friends were the first to understand he had to stop preparing. Flex Lewis underlined that this time he decided to listen to people he trusts and loves.

Does this message mean that James is preparing to leave the sport? Definitely not. James “Flex” Lewis is still ambitious. He plans to return to training as soon as possible. Yet this time he chose a wise solution. It may cost him a year. At the same time, it may become the most important choice to save his health and career.

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