Fish Oil For Muscle Building

Can fish oil build muscle?

Does fish oil build muscle!

How many questions on fish oil could I possibly answer? Truthfully? A damn lot, that’s for sure!

I guess many of you have probably read Charles Poliquin’s claim that he had an American football player supplement with 30 grams of fish oil daily for 1 month and he gained 15lbs of muscle! Crikey.

While many of us believe this to be a very “unscientific claim”

Fish oil is still a great product and Fish oil muscle building is actually possible.

Over 95% of Americans are low in omega 3, by simply increasing this it can DRAMATICALLY increase the rate we build muscle.

It is great for recovery and can reduce swelling and soreness however! Something that impresses me more with fish oil is (besides the 10000s of health benefits)

If you use fish oil and are low in it you almost always see fat loss instantly.

It’s fat burning properties are quite shocking, hell you might not lose a ton maybe 4-5lbs but if you are already at a low body fat how great is that? And if you are dieting and this helps then you will see a DRAMATIC loss of fat.

Not only this but Fish oil muscle building is great.

I mean I don’t think you really need to use 30 grams per day this is a bit ridiculous.

Simply use 15 grams per day for 1 month, after this you can drop to 6 grams per day and feel fine you are no longer deficient in it and will be getting enough to make sure your body is building muscle and burning fat to an optimal degree.

Fish oil muscle building is a great question to ask, and I’m glad to have written this article, I’d go as far as to say fish oil is one of the most important products on the market especially for overall health, I believe all old age pensioners should use it, (it can help with reducing arthritic pain) but not only this it has been shown in the united states that it CAN help with Alzheimer’s something we could all suffer with and wish to prevent from happening.

But getting back on topic and of course the topic is Fish oil muscle building it is a great product and should be used throughout the day, never take it all at once.

Let’s say you use 15 grams daily

5 grams morning, 5 grams mid day, 5 grams night is ideal.

But what is even more ideal is that if you use it during every meal you tend to see even better results, I’m assuming this is because it is being digested by your body more “naturally” while the scientific community also accept this we do not truly know the answer to why this works as of yet.

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