Sunday, April 11, 2021

First News About Ronnie Coleman After His Tenth Surgery

Ronnie Coleman is a living legend for several generations of bodybuilding fans. Starting as the worst Olympia participant, being severely criticized by sports experts, Coleman kept developing and growing as a professional. Soon after taking last places in professional competitions, Coleman became the main competitor for Olympia champions.

Coleman had his last competition around a decade ago. His bright career was finished due to serious health issues. Coleman suffers from a severe back disease and intense pain. Latest years of Ronnie’s life have been marked by numerous surgeries. However, none of them was successful enough to help Coleman’s problem for a long time.

Yesterday Ronnie shared his photo taken right before another surgery. This was the 10th surgery of the sportsman. He looked cheerful and had a sincere smile on his face. Ronnie shared his hope that 10th surgery will become the last and will allow him coming back to his routine life, giving long rest from medical manipulations and exhausting treatment.

Numerous fans of Coleman were worried about the former bodybuilder. However, today the sportsman shared another post, telling his operation was successful and now he has great chances to rest from surgeries and to return to his home.

Coleman complained about a huge scar on his back and constant pain. He takes strong painkillers and has to spend the nearest week in a hospital. However, all these troubles didn’t break Coleman’s spirit, he’s still able to smile and to joke. The photo and the post gave Coleman’s fans a hope to see him healthy soon. They left a lot of supportive comments, wishing their favorite sportsman to feel better as soon as possible.

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  1. It hurts to see Ronnie hurt. I pray that God will bless his heart, and I pray that this operation can heal the great man. Today I am thankful for his book Ronnie Coleman Hardcore. I don’t know you Ronnie, but I love you and your family.


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