In an effort to assure that the game will meet the high standards set by the team, Firaxis has changed the initial XCOM 2 release date. The previous announcement that the sequel to XCOM will be released on September 6, 2016, was postponed. Another reason behind this unforeseen delay is to guarantee that the game is fully polished by the time of its launch. This just proves Firaxis’ determination to release the game in a state closest to perfection.

Instead, XCOM 2 release date has been moved to September 27. This means players from North America can expect the game to be available for purchase soon. In an international context, however, XCOM 2 Release Date is on September 30.

Along with the announcement of the XCOM 2 release date, it is also known that the console version of the game sequel offers a variety of improvements and even new features. All of which did not exist in the game’s PC launch. Moreover, information about support for Mods within the game has yet to be shared.

Now that the fans of this very anticipated alien invasion game know the new and hopefully, precise XCOM 2 release date, they can gear up and prepare themselves for the exhilarating game that will be made available within this month. It features a whole new battlefield for players to submerge into. The gameplay will require players to not only be quick with their fingers but also with their wits in order to dominate and emerge victorious in this game filled with gunfights, extraterrestrials and dead soldiers.


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