Saturday, July 24, 2021

Final Results Of IFBB Sacramento Pro

Sacramento Pro was the most popular bodybuilding event of the latest week. This time the competition gathered a great number of bodybuilders from all countries of the world ready to demonstrate their excellent physique.

This year competition was excellently organized and very crowded. It looks like Sacramento Pro is getting more popularity and better promotion year after a year. The contest was traditionally held in California and turned out to be a great impressive show.

Most sportsmen came from different part of the USA, however, there were many foreign bodybuilders who visited California and took part in the contest.

The first places were taken by:

  • Kimani Victor (Canada) in Men’s Classic Physique Division;
  • Jourdanne Lee (The USA, Atlanta, Georgia) in Bikini Division.

The list of top-five sportsmen for each division is published below:

Men’s Physique

  1. Kimani Victor (Canada);
  2. Dean Balabis (The USA);
  3. Aundre Benson (The USA);
  4. Xavisus Gayden (The USA);
  5. Carlos Deoliveira (The USA).


1. Jourdanne Lee (The USA);
2. Kim Gutierrez (Chile);
3. Breena Martinez (The USA);
4. Jessica Palmer (The USA);
5. Alessia Facchin (Italy).

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