Meet The New Brand Bodybuilding Competition

Dominican Republic Pro is a new professional contest that unites bodybuilders from all over the world. The event was first introduced this year and got a great promotion from some sports stars.

Famous bodybuilders Victor Martinez and Jon De La Rosa presented the competition and made a lot to popularize it. They became official representatives of the contest during the promo campaigns.

Organization and Presentation of the Show

The event was held on October 13 in the Dominican Republic. It was organized for the first time, however, attracted a lot of attention. There were many professional participants from Dominican Republic, Latin America, and the USA. However, there were some participants who came from Europe and Korea.

The event was organized first time ever and showed quite a good level of preparation as for a new trend in the sports world. It’s possible that the brand will become popular in a couple of years when more bodybuilding stars will be attracted.

First Dominican Republic Pro Champions

Classic Physique Results

  1. Stan McQuay, the USA;
  2. Herbert Surito Sotillo, Puerto Rico;
  3. Jose Caban Rivera, Puerto Rico.

Men’s 212 Results

  1. Jose Raymond, the USA;
  2. Tomas Tabaciar, Slovakia;
  3. Dobromir Delev, Bulgaria;
  4. Milton Martinez, Puerto Rico;
  5. Sandro Ramirez, Dominican Republic.

Bikini Results

  1. Eva Saenz, the USA (Texas);
  2. Eli Fernandez, Mexico;
  3. Narmin Assria, the USA (California);
  4. Elisangela Angeli, Brazil;
  5. Angely Rojas, the USA (New-York).


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