final fantasy xv
(Image: Forbes)

Now it was launched globally on 29 November. According to Square Enix, this change date causes an extra benefit to ensure quality test and graphics quality. Now the company has excessive time for polishing their remaining elements, to make sure that it will work best at its time of launching. This will help in generating positive word of mouth from its fans and also a way for appreciation of team.

The Director Tabata was of the view that fans have to show cooperative attitude in response to the delay for best performance. They ensure that we want to do our best to ensure superior quality, for making our make near to perfection; we need some extra time so that we can make sure that it would work best at the time of launching. In further addition, he was of the view that this project should create and make an atmosphere of freedom that was not created in their previous series. He apologizes for the delay from his crazy fans that were waiting anxiously for new series.

According to YouTube video, Tabata was explaining the stage of the game. He clarifies further reason of delay that work has been finished on the master copy now they are working on downloadable contents which cause them extra time. Beside this, he believes that patch must be ship and launch with the final game. Otherwise, it would cause the delay in proper functioning of the game. Square Enix is now confirming the dates and checking its effect on later time.


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