Final Fantasy XV Release Date & News: Square Enix Stalling Fans with New Game Footage?

Final Fantasy XV Release Date
Written by Maria Betina

The latest addition to the legend that is the Final Fantasy franchise is finally on its way and it really did take its sweet time. Of course, the game is worth the wait, plus fans get a nice preview of what to expect in Final Fantasy XV because Square Enix just released gameplay footage of Final Fantasy XV.

The gameplay footage of Final Fantasy XV is, of course, an effective move by Square Enix to keep the fans’ eyes and focus on the game that is to come and to keep them entertained while waiting out the last two months before the release of Final Fantasy XV.  In the twenty-eight minute long video, it can be seen that the game will sport a vintage style and may seem old-school for some. One thing we know is that the new Final Fantasy XV will be giving fans a new experience as compared to previous Final Fantasy games. There will be a new interactive and cooperative features plus new technological advancement for the characters within the game. Aside from the traditional melee and magic combat that Final Fantasy usually does, it seems Final Fantasy XV will be throwing in some gun powder and bullets into the mix to make it more interesting.

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