Final Fantasy XV
(Credits: YouTube)

Who doesn’t love Moogles? We know we do! Great news is Final Fantasy XV will be bringing back the cutest NPC in the franchise due to popular demand. Most players know the Moogle as a non-playable character that provides quests, sometimes they are also merchants.

Final Fantasy XV will be bringing back Moogles and will be giving them a new role as well, the cute Moogle will be overhauled into a decoy-functioning ragdoll. While Noctis and his friends battle enemies, they can turn to the ever cuddle Moogle Ragdoll for much-needed damage control. Noctis can throw the Moogle doll anywhere on the field and have the enemy turn their aggro to the Moogle instead of Noctis and his friends.  Once the play chooses to deploy the trusty Moogle doll enemies will ravage the poor thing until it disappears as er Polygon.

The gameplay footage below shows how to use the Moogle doll in battle, and it is ideal as bait in order to cluster your enemies in order to make them eat your spells together, which is very effective in saving time and health points.

Note that not all enemies will fall for the Moogle ragdoll decoy tactic, some stronger monster like the Behemoth will be immune to the charms of the Moogle ragdoll. Although fans are happy that the Moogle will have a role in the new Final Fantasy XV, there are a lot who are rather disappointed with how Square Enix decided to treat the beloved mascot. One of the top Youtube comments was from Youtube user BlackDoge and it says “Moogle lives matter too” another one from Zidane Mina says “Moogle Abuse at its finest!!! IM SO TRIGGERED #MoogleLivesMatter”

After a lot of delays in production, Final Fantasy XV will be released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 29, 2016.


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