Final Fantasy XV Release Date
(Credits : Youtube)

DualShockers recent report proves that fans of the best franchise of Square Enix, Final Fantasy are still very much willing to go and purchase the game despite the sudden delay of the Final Fantasy XV which is now set on November 29, 2016.

During a Tokyo Game Show on September 15 to September 18, Famitsu asked fans several questions regarding the upcoming Final Fantasy XV game. The results showed very favorable results, which is awesome news since the game was already receiving some negative feedback for having a sudden delay on its release. Fans know however that the delay is only to guarantee a perfectly polished game for them to sink their teeth into.

To keep the fans eager and excited for the game, a recent new video was found online that flaunts the games details and features. The said video was released by PlayStation Access and it shows that the gang’s car, known as Regalia will be fully customizable and even demonstrated how it is done. Regalia will be customizable by utilizing Cindy Aurum, players will be able to customize color, wheels, rims, engine the logo and much more. Plus Regalia can fly, which is awesome. It is noted as well that the customization of Regalia isn’t just for show, what the player does to their automobile will play an important factor in the overall gameplay of Final Fantasy XV.

Moreover, the characters of Final Fantasy XV namely Noctis, Gladio, Ignis and Prompto will be having a lot of outfits available to try on. There are even mini-games to keep the player busy like fishing. It is funny how this Finishing mini game caused the demo to actually crash at some point. One more point to Square Enix for polishing the game to avoid players having the game crashing one they whip out their fishing pole. Yikes.


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