Final Fantasy VII Remake
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Final Fantasy VII Remake, something that most fans thought was merely a dream, many were waiting for it to happen in the past and now it is finally here and it is official. The remake of this timeless classic has fans hyped and excited for the outcome, the changes that will be made into the game and the things that will stay the same but with enhanced graphics.

This game is certainly one of the classics and a very much loved RPG and it definitely deserves a remake of its timeless story and characters. There are reports, however, that the remake will be dropping the game’s traditional turn-based battle system and replace it with a more action oriented style.

The battle system of Final Fantasy VII Remake is totally revamped,  and will now focus on a fast-paced action style rather the traditional turn-based battle system as reported by Techno Buffalo. This was also confirmed by the lead director of the Final Fantasy VII Remake, Tetsuya Nomura during his interview with Dengeki Online,  well known Japanese publication.

During Dengeki Online’s interview with Tetsuya Nomura, the legendary director did not go into full detail about what to expect from the Final Fantasy VII Remake, he did, however, share some key features that may be expected once the final version of the game is released. It turns out that there is a huge amount of fans requesting and hoping that the remake will retain the traditional turn-based battle system. “The battles in [FFVII] have greatly changed from the original since they’re something with more action in them,” Nomura stated.

Nomura says that they understand what the traditionalists want and that they are working on “systems that future fans will be able to enjoy, so people who are bad at action-style battles, please don’t worry.”

That being said,  there is a possibility that gamers may expect an alternative combat system to keep all the fans happy? There is yet to be a release date announced for the Final Fantasy VII Remake.


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